Kenzo Proclaims: Tigers Are The New Owls

There are certain animals that manage to rise to iconographic infamy: cats, slow lorises, pandas, corgis, and owls have all dominated YouTube (or the runways) in some form or another. Most recently, owls have enjoyed some sartorial favoritism, reaching a fever pitch last fall '12 with Burberry using the bird's image all over its sought-after knits. But when even your kid cousin's got an owl necklace and an owl iPhone case (that she swaps out for her mustached one), it may be time to move on.
Thankfully, Kenzo's provided an easy next step with its spring '13 collection video, titled "Tiger Fever." In digitized, sea-punk aesthetic, the video is a mesmerizing, hypnotic view of Kenzo's tiger-themed spring offerings, including graphic sweaters, tiger-shaped blouse pins, tiger-head jewelry, tiger eye fringe on shorts. Click through to get sucked in. Sorry Maru, Boo, and hungover owls — we'll be YouTubing Kenzo on our lunch breaks. On to the next one!

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