4 Holiday Playlists, Courtesy Of D.C.'s Savviest Music Bloggers

Throwing the perfect holiday party requires some careful staging — from editing the guest list and designing the decor to planning the food and drinks. And, all too often, crafting that ultimate soundtrack gets put off to the last minute or, worse, left in the unreliable hands of the shuffle button. But, no more.
We think the ideal playlist should be a combination of new stuff (to show how hip you are), old tunes (to show you've had good taste for years), and some festive tracks (hey, 'tis the season, right?). And that's no quick task. So, to help you out, we called up the savvy mixtape experts behind four local music blogs and outsourced the job to them. Their picks will brighten up any dark December night, and are guaranteed to keep the party going well past the new year. Pick one (or all four), add friends and cocktails, and stir.
Andy Johnson of Brightest Young Things
Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Breijo
Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater
Raul Zahir De Leon of All Our Noise
Photo: Courtesy of Chris Chen
Selomé Samuel of Dipped In Dollars

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