8 Pairs Of Waterproof Boots That You Can Rock Rain Or Shine

We wholeheartedly believe that cold, rainy days are best spent cozied up in bed with a Felicity box set. Unfortunately, there’s only a one-in-seven chance that a rainy day will fall on an errand-less Sunday afternoon, meaning you’ll have to venture into the dampness sometime.
Thankfully, designers have finally hit the reset button on those bulky boots of season's past, so when Mother Nature throws an impromptu tantrum, you no longer have to choose between stepping out in cumbrous, plastic rain boots or ruining your suede pumps in murky puddles of who-knows-what.
From utilitarian lace-up booties to so-cute-it-hurts bow-adorned wellies, we sourced eight pairs of stylish rain boots to guard your toes from downpours and drizzles alike. With all the wears you’ve been getting out of your sky-high heels these past few weeks (is holiday party season over yet?), these picks just might have you wishing for a cloudy day.

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