Alex Wang Makes Trinkets For Fun, Flotation, & Protecting Your Table

Ever wish you could add just a bit more designer into your life? Alexander Wang hears you loud and clear. No longer are you forced to merely adorn your body with Wang’s signature minimalist goth (not that we're complaining) — you can now surround yourself with his fierce designs. Want to Wang-ify your home decor? Add some black faux croc-embossed coasters. Think your bike’s looking a little too cheerful? Grab a badass bike lock and prepare for the compliments to stream in.
There’s plenty of stuff for whatever habits you subscribe to, be you a gamer (dominos, to be specific) or a party girl (material-wrapped flask, natch.) There are even pool toys by the newly appointed Balenciaga designer — because floating down your local lazy river in anything but Wang black would not be cool. Best part? The price points are actually pretty reasonable: The lighter case is $29 (a number we particularly like), and the leather eye mask just skims the $100 mark. Let all the other Wang addicts fill their virtual shopping bags with luxe basics and handbags — you’re all set with these lifestyle pieces.
Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang

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