8 Stylish Makeup Bags That Make Great Party Clutches

We're pretty gung-ho about recycling — and it doesn't stop at our plastic, metal, and paper goods. We love finding new uses for our fashion and beauty supplies. One clever re-use that feels particularly appropriate as we inch closer to NYE is the old "use your makeup bag as a party clutch" trick.
Around the holidays, it seems like every beauty brand and its brother releases some sort of cool tote, pouch, bag, or coffret for their products, each one more visually stunning than the last. We see no issue with taking these gorgeous makeup bags and trotting them out with our party frocks. Heck, half of them are prettier than the purpose-made clutches we're seeing in the stores right now.
The best part? Nine times out of 10, these bags are loads cheaper than the average purse, so you can rock some serious style without dropping a fat wad of $$$. Plus (as if you needed another plus, right?), most of these bags come with products inside, so you get a great bag and some seriously sweet new beauty must-haves. Good for you, good for your wallet, and good for the environment — not a bad way to kick off the new year.

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