Outsmart Mother Nature With These 8 Hydrating Shea Butter Picks

Before you even think about layering yourself in hefty wool sweaters and indestructible snow boots this winter, remember: protecting yourself from the blistering chill starts with your skin. And, while we love putting new miracle-promising products to the test, sometimes, we tend gravitate to our ol' standbys. Case in point? Shea butter.
A natural emollient, shea butter is the fatty substance extracted from karité tree nuts — and it’s forever our winter go-to savior thanks to its soothing, hyper-moisturizing properties. Unlike some other formulas, our fave shea products manage to repair and hydrate dry, cracked, and downright unattractive skin without feeling greasy. A difficult feat, no doubt.
Because we believe that sharing beckons good karma, we're letting you in on our go-to nourishing shea butter formulas. These 8 picks are sure to keep everything from your tresses to your pout (seriously!) in check this winter, so rejoice: Hiding your elbows and knees till spring is officially optional!

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