Your Perfect Holiday Party Outfit, Courtesy Of R29's Editors

We've made it perfectly clear: We use the holiday season as an excuse to party to our hearts' content. Hey, we work hard all year long, so we deserve to let loose in the name of Santa, right? And, while we've got the perfect soirée recipe down pat (one-part liquor, one-part photo booth, one-part Grace Jones dancer), the Perfect-Outfit recipe can be a little trickier. We know that the office holiday bash is the time to show your coworkers how you can rock an ensemble, sans business-casual constrictions — so, since we got our wardrobe planning done early this year, we're using the opportunity to let you in on all of our styling secrets.
We tapped five of our editors to show off their festive duds and fill you in on how to recreate the look — from vintage-inspired trousers to an all-out glam minidress. That's right: We did it all. But, when it comes to the next day's 9-to-5 hangover, you're on your own.
Click through for your perfect holiday-party outfit, courtesy of five R29 editors.

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