Adorable & Instructive: How To Walk In Heels

A fashion editor who doesn't know how to walk in heels? Yep — hi guys, I'm right here. In my entire shoe collection (which is fairly huge, I might add), you'll find cap-toe sneakers, leather espadrilles, a heeled bootie covered in stars, and a pair of see-through lace-ups...but you won't find a single pump. It's my one sartorial secret and something I've managed to hide pretty well. I can write a novel about heels, but I can't wear 'em.
Anything that doesn't physically bind onto my foot has been off-limits to me, which stinks, because I'm really aesthetically drawn to the whole pointed-toe-pump thing. But wearing a pair is a feat akin to drunk tightroping — I just can't do it. To help me overcome, I asked muse, guru, and all-around positive person Andre J. to show me the ropes. COULD IT BE DONE? Watch and learn.

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