Fashion Plays A Supporting Role In Maiyet's Captivating Short Film

Rather than shooting a simple lookbook, pioneer luxury brand Maiyet asked Cary Fukunaga (director of the '09 remake of Jane Eyre starring Mia Wasikowska) to create a film in honor of its resort '13 collection. His only charge was to capture an authentic story. With this freedom of direction, Fukunaga created Sleepwalking in the Rift, an intimate glimpse into two lives — one ethereally beautiful heroine and her counterpart, a man who knows the lay of the land on which they tread — that intertwine for what feels like a fleeting moment in the gorgeous landscapes of Kenya. Like all short stories, the white space allows the reader to be drawn in to the quiet, little film and glean what feels like a fragile but exquisite relationship, unsustainable but also unforgettable.
The resort '13 collection, which only plays a supporting role in the film, features some highly covetable pieces including a two-toned, calfskin, leather jacket and lovely blue-beaded sandals. Ironically, the collection is South American-inspired and crafted in India and Italy; however, Maiyet carefully selected Kenya as the backdrop for their film, hoping to bring more exposure to work of Kenyan artists whose jewelry-making processes and products, they believe, far exceed most others.
Resplendent sunrises, a stampeding herd of giraffes, a girl making sweet, candid observations about her partner, like, "You seem very at ease here. Happy," the film is secretive and hushed, but we feel compelled to witness a relationship that is deeply valued by all involved.
Go ahead and get a glimpse at the way an unconventional line (its goal is to highlight and support artisanal skills from all over the world) takes an unconventional — and welcomed — approach to presenting a fresh collection.
Video: Via Maiyet

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