This Fragranced Necklace May Be The Most Luxurious Beauty Gift, Ever

As self-described magpies, we love all things beautiful and shiny, from the newest spangly polish to a gorgeous piece of jewelry — so, imagine how excited we were to spot this baby. More than just a piece of eye candy, this gorge statement necklace is infused with perfume via a high-tech fragrance-embedding technology. In partnership with Ken Downing, the fashion director at Neiman Marcus, French beauty company Le Métier de Beauté has launched a line of numbered, limited edition (only 50 have been produced) Pampille de Seduction fragrance necklaces.
The necklaces feature secret "fragrance chambers" at the back of the piece and three different scent beads made out of high-tech fragranced resin: sweet Gardénia, spicy Orchidé, and warm Ambre. These three fragrances give the wearer the option of donning one fragrance or mixing and matching the different elements to create a custom scent. Best of all, if you'd like to sport a different fragrance entirely, you can wear the beautiful 24k-gold-and-carnelian necklace on its own. The fragranced beads are designed to emit fragrance for years, so unlike a bottle of perfume that will eventually run out or deteriorate, the beads will retain their fragrance for years to come with no change in the quality of the scent.
Lately, we've been seeing fragranced accessories emerge as one of the most surprising new beauty trends (hello, fragranced leather gloves!), but this iteration has to be the most over-the-top version yet. The necklace is so beautiful that it almost belongs in a museum (The Museum of Art and Design, perhaps?), but we'd rather wear it and feel like the most fashionable and delightfully scented person on the planet.
How do you feel about wearing, rather than spritzing, your perfume?
Ken Downing for Le Métier de Beauté Pampille de Seduction Necklace, $4,500, available at Neiman Marcus.
Photo: Courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté

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