The Best Of London: 10 Top-Notch Touristy Spots

Yes, yes, we know. You’re a traveller. Not a tourist. But if you stick to the rule of avoiding everything that everyone else likes, you’re going to rob yourself of some incredible experiences and sights. Especially if you're visiting London. Or even living there.
Consider one simple historical fact: This city has been thriving for more than a thousand years. And you expect that you, the newcomer, are going to find the unexpected? A better plan would be to find the touristy spots that are really worth it and hit them at off-peak hours. Here’s our stellar short list. But really, even if you're a local, it's holiday season. You've got family in town. Or maybe you just need a day away from the norm. So, go ahead, take a shot. Click through. And rediscover something new.

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