Robin Givhan, Top Fashion Scribe, Unemployed After Newsweek Layoffs

Yep, just like half your friends, Pulitzer-Prize-winning, old-guard, highly respected fashion reporter Robin Givhan is enjoying some funemployment after a series of massive, across-the-board layoffs at the Newsweek/Daily Beast offices.
We'd all been expecting drastic staff cuts for Tina Brown's media engine since she announced that the once-vaunted Newsweek would be shifting operations to web only. Still, the departure of someone so venerated, popular, and influential as Givhan comes as somewhat of a surprise to us. Sure, a slim and trim "NewsBeast" probably can't support the sort of paycheck Givhan demands (and deserves). Yet, the original DNA of The Daily Beast was built around collecting the best contributors from every discipline, a formula that lured Givhan away from her longtime home at The Washington Post. Obviously, that original mission is changing.
We can't imagine this as anything more than a temporary hiccup for Givhan and expect to see her at Fashion Week with or without an attachment to a publication. As she said, "I plan to work on my book about the 1973 Versailles fashion show and look for a new job." Good luck, lady, and remember, there's always room at Refinery29. (The Cut)
Photo: Via Facebook.

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