21 Stocking Stuffers Everyone NEEDS

The time has come: You've got to shop (if you haven't already). You've got to pack (or at least start organizing the list in your head). And you've got to figure out what to put in those stockings (or at least how to bring a stellar present on the plane for your holiday celebration). Are you freaking out yet? Well, here's a little dose of gifting om—21 adorable (but still adult!) stocking stuffers you can carry on, no cumbersome packaging or liquid limits required.
Yes, no matter the holiday you toast to this season, the need for small-in-size, large-in-impact gifts remains the same. And luckily, we've totally got you covered. From a playful watch to stylish toothbrushes to actual stockings, this list is a cornucopia of bite-sized festivities they won't even consider regifting. Now, if you can just figure out how to bring all your Christmas costume changes onboard, you'll be all set.

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