The 10 Best Comfort-Food Dishes In L.A. — So Worth The Calories!

It's officially the holidays — time to start eating your feelings. Divorcée family coming into town for the annual rendezvous? There's a mac and cheese for that. Serious sibling rivalry rearing its ugly head yet again? A cinnamon Fonut should help heal those wounds. Could not possibly have dropped the Clare Vivier hint any harder, and yet still, you remain clutchless? Stick a Langer's hot pastrami on rye in those wanting hands instead, dear one.
Yes, with January on the horizon, bringing with it the familiar promise of grueling workout routines and juice fasts, now's the time to embark on a balls-to-the-wall, calories-be-damned food tour of L.A. Whether it's a solo escape to Daikokuya for legendary, belly-warming ramen, or a family trip to Jerry's Famous Deli for a hearty bowl of matzo-ball soup (served with a side of kvetching), we've rounded up the top 10 comfort-food dishes served around town that are sure to heal any headache, holiday-related or otherwise.

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