The Dynamic Duo Behind R29 L.A. Reveal Their Opposite Styles

We're starting to think that the hiring process for R29's L.A. team was a bit of a social experiment. In a Parent Trap kind of way, SoCal editors Brenna Egan and Sarah St. Lifer are the yins to each other's yangs (Brenna steers clear of white T-shirts while Sarah avoids platforms like the plague), but are completely complementary of one another at the same time. Think of them as two peas in a contradictory pod.
To illustrate the point, we asked them to show off their styles while visiting the local spots that inspire them. Both ended up in DTLA (great minds do think alike!), but for very different reasons. Learn more about the editors who burn the midnight oil to pull off your favorite bookmarked site — all while looking ultra stylish, of course.

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