No Money? No Problem! We Fantasy-Shop The 8 Most Covetable Prada Purses

If you've been following along at home, then you know that Prada's been our bag since — well, forever. We've lusted after it, DIY'ed it, and queued up outside the Met just to get a glimpse of it. The only thing we don't do? We don't actually own any of it (damn you, cursed school loans!).
But, hey, a four-digit price tag never stopped us from a little fantasy-shopping spree. Here, we round up the eight Prada purses we would totally drop four Gs on — if we didn't have to eat, or, you know, pay rent. From whimsical, daisy-print doctor's bags to oh-so-on-trend bright messengers, these purses run the gamut from loopy to ladylike and everywhere in between. We will totally run out and buy ourselves one — just as soon as our Powerball numbers comes up.
Click on to see the eight Prada purses perched at the top of our wish lists — wistful sighing totally allowed....

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