Weekend Buzz: Pinterest For Dudes, Military Chic, & The Perfect PJs

Pinterest just got a little bit manlier. Local men's shop Hugh & Crye has bridged the social media gender gap by creating its own board. Consider it your one-stop shop for stylish gift ideas for the guys in your life. (Pinterest)
We've recently found ourselves obsessed with all things military style (maybe it's all that Homeland we've been watching), and we're loving how feminine and soft this jacket looks. It's the perfect way to add a bit of edge to your winter wear. (Nom Nom Bling Bling)
It's Saturday, which means you're probably gearing up for a night on the town. While you could order the same ol' G&T with lime, why not sip on something a little more adventurous? The garnish is the hottest thing in mixology right now, so check out one of these bars that are doing the flavor thing right. (Eater)
If you're losing a little motivation this holiday season (all those parties and treats make it hard to stay on the daily grind), you'll love the new series "Figuring It Out," where a local blogger interviews successful gals in fashion and beyond. Next up: a Madewell graphic designer. (Cupcakes For Breakfast)
The wait is over! We've officially found the chicest pair of pajamas, ever. These velvet numbers are the perfect solution to those days when you just can't bear to put on real pants (cough, Sunday, cough), but still want to look pulled together. (La Petite Marmoset)
Photos: Via Nom Nom Bling Bling, La Petite Marmoset

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