4 Kick-Ass Workouts To Help You Conquer Those Holiday Calories

UPDATE: This story was originally published on November 30.
If you emerged from the holiday season's first no-holds-barred food-fest relatively unscathed (i.e., you only had one serving of pumpkin pie instead of, ahem, three), then kudos to you. But, if you're like us, big holiday meals coupled with abundant leftovers lead to overeating and near-constant snacking — which is a challenge for even Karlie Kloss-ish metabolisms.
But don't worry! We found the secret for kicking those extra pounds, and it's as simple as this: Change is a good thing. Getting your body (and your brain) out of an exercise rut will work new muscles and feel more like a challenge than a chore. That means switching up your normal (read: boring) routine and adding in a cool new workout that'll inspire you — and we've rounded up some of the most exciting options in the DMV right now. Click through to discover the newest ways to rock your bod (without having to sacrifice the whipped cream in your eggnog).
Budokon at Stroga
What it is: A combination of yoga and martial-arts training, Budokon emphasis concentration and self-defense in a non-competitive environment.
Why you'll love it: Any workout that makes us feel strong, self-assured, and mentally focused is going to be at the top of our list. Budokon students at Stroga (a combination of "strength" and "yoga," if you were wondering) attend class twice a week, and the program is ideal for goal-oriented fitness fans — students start as white belts and work their way toward becoming black belts, with each level taking a minimum of six months to complete.
Where: 1808 Adams Mill Road NW; 202-238-9642.
Open Barre at Biker Barre
What it is: An all-levels class that combines Pilates, dance, and yoga into a low-impact, high-intensity workout that's still fun.
Why you'll love it: A full-body workout that doesn't feel like a chore? Sign us up! The vibe at this Barracks Row spot is relaxed and friendly, and this particular class is offered as often as six times a day, so you'll always be able to grab a spot at the barre.
Where: 738 7th Street SE; 202-733-1009.
BeyondBarre at Potomac Pilates
What it is: A 55-minute session that comprises ballet-inspired barre work to create leaner, longer-looking gams; free weights to sculpt your upper body; a series of ab exercises to flatten your belly; and a unique cardio element to boost your stamina.
Why you'll love it: Class sizes are small, capped at nine participants. The hybrid of Pilates, ballet, and yoga ensures that every muscle is utilized, and the workout incorporates a patent-pending tool called a GlideBoard, which requires you to move laterally (and raises your heart rate).
Where: Potomac Tennis Club, 10800 Tennis Club Lane, Potomac, 301-983-1450; The Palisades, 5185 MacArthur Boulevard, 301-983-3745.
Off Road Boxing at Off Road Cycling
What it is: A bootcamp-style interval training class that combines boxing with off-road indoor cycling for a full-body workout.
Why you'll love it: Cold weather keeping you off your beloved bike? Making the switch to indoor cycling in the winter is a no-brainer, but the boxing component makes this workout anything but boring. It's designed to kick-start your cardio routine and leave you with a tight and toned body, plus some newfound flexibility and fluidity of movement.
Where: 905 U Street NW; 202-681-1319.

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