TK Kick-Ass Workouts To Help You Conquer Those Holiday Calories

If you emerged from the holiday season's first no-holds-barred food-fest relatively unscathed (i.e., you only had one serving of pumpkin pie instead of, ahem, three), then kudos to you. But, if you're like us, big holiday meals coupled with abundant leftovers lead to overeating and near-constant snacking — which is a challenge for even Karlie Kloss-ish metabolisms.
But don't worry! We found the secret for kicking those extra pounds, and it's as simple as this: Change is a good thing. Getting your body (and your brain) out of an exercise rut will work new muscles and feel more like a challenge than a chore. That means switching up your normal (read: boring) routine and adding in a cool new workout that'll inspire you — and we've rounded up some of the most exciting options in the DMV right now. Click through to discover the newest ways to rock your bod (without having to sacrifice the whipped cream in your eggnog).

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