16 Oh-So-Festive Decor Finds That'll Add Some Spirit To Your Space

UPDATE: It's not too late! You can still spruce up your abode, and we've got 16 finds that will help you. This story was originally published on November 29.
Everyone has probably experienced a holiday-decorating disaster at some point or another — you know, the inflatable snowman that refuses to stand up straight, or the twinkly lights that flicker on and off like malfunctioning strobe lights. While we're all for getting into the holiday spirit (bring on the mistletoe!), we think you'll agree that it's not worth investing in decorations that'll look totally tacky come January.
Instead of making eggnog-fueled mistakes of ornamental proportions, opt for classy, timeless holiday touches that'll make your home an inviting, inspired winter wonderland — only in a more subtle, sophisticated way. This year, you'll be the pride of the neighborhood (or, at least, your apartment building).

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