Braid Obsessed? We Might Have Something Even Better For You...

At this point, braided hairstyles are much more than a trend — for many of us, they're a way of life. They're a part of our routines, whether we're weaving them purely for decoration or to counter a bad hair day.
And being the fans we are, we've brought you lots and lots of braid-spiration to keep all of you on your plaiting toes. But then, we thought — what's next? How can we continue to fasten our hair into cute 'dos without looking like every other girl on the braided block?
Enter hairstylist Sera Sloane, who had the brilliant idea to shake up our strands: knotting! These knots are even easier to do than braids, and the finished look is perfection — almost like a plait, but unique enough to make a totally different statement. Watch Sera do her thing, and then let us know: Have you ever tried knotting your hair?

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