This Lovely Scent Is Sweet Music To Our Nostrils

While there are certainly gimmicky fragrances out there (who could forget this gem?), every once in awhile a fragrance comes along that is truly innovative and inspired. Enter Olympia Music Hall Parfum by Histoires de Parfums; a scent inspired by the music and ambiance of the famous Parisian music hall. While one may not think of turning to music for olfactory inspiration, we like to imagine that developing a fragrance is similar to composing a symphony — the different fragrance notes have to work together in harmony, similar to how each instrument must complement (and never overpower) the others.
Founded in 2000 by perfumer Gerald Ghislain with the goal of "evoking stories through scent, just as books are written with emotions," the French perfume company is made up of a "library" of scents that are meant to be "read" on the skin in the way that words are read on the page. Although the majority of the fragrances are titled with the birthdate of influencers throughout history, the company's latest ventures were inspired by major Parisian landmarks (the first was centered around Moulin Rouge, the infamous cabaret). Olympia Music Hall is an elegant fragrance designed to evoke an exciting evening at the iconic concert venue, which in its time has seen the likes of Edith Piaf, The Beatles, and most recently, Lady Gaga on its stage.
The "opening chords" of citrus represent the sparkle of stage lights, the "center chords" of black pepper, saffron, rose, and peony create the warm, rhythmic heart of the music, and the "bass chords" of blonde wood and patchouli evoke the ambiance of being in the house of the iconic theater. The result is a perfectly balanced, mysterious, and moody scent, as haunting as the melodies of Piaf on the Parisian stage. The way we see it, smelling like a French chanteuse making her debut in the City of Lights wouldn't be the worst thing, would it?
Histoires de Parfums Olympia Music Hall, $205, available at Histoires de Parfums.
Photo: Courtesy of Histoires de Parfums

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