12 Cozy Sweaters To Get You Through A Windy City Winter

Even if you weren't born and raised in Chicago, it only takes one winter to figure out that a coat alone just doesn't cut it. Seriously, those whipping winds off of Lake Michigan have nothing to do with politics, no matter what you've heard. We're talking chills, baby…and we've got just the no-fail addition you need. A cozy sweater, of course—but not the variety that will score you the ugly award at the holiday party. We're talking about 14 stylish solutions to help you stay extra toasty (even without that hot cocoa!).
Whether you prefer chunky and bright, or neutral and woven tight, these picks will get you through an entire season of snowflakes, icy temps, and whatever else Old Man Winter has in store. Pair with leggings or your sexy skinny jeans for a look that says snuggly not sloppy. We've got a long, cold road ahead of us, dear reader. Isn't it time to cuddle up?

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