DIY A Not-So-Basic, Boho Set Of Pearls

If there's one item every girl has in her closet, it's a strand of fake pearls. Whether you wear them every day or haven't thought about them since your last Audrey Hepburn costume, there's a chance your old pearl necklace could use a little upgrade. Read on to find out how we revamped this classic. And, if feathers aren't your thing, feel free to get creative!
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Photographed by Chantal Adair
You'll need:
One pair of scissors
Eight jewelry feathers ready to be strung
One strand of small, fake pearls
Six plastic "shark teeth"
Clear thread or fishing line
Step 1: Cut 14 pieces of fishing line for each of your feathers and beads. The threads should be about three inches long.
Step 2: Beginning in the middle of your strand, thread the fishing line through your feather and attach it in between two pearls. Secure with a double knot.
Step 3: Continue this step, keeping a two-inch space in between each one and alternating between feathers and beads every time.
Step 4: Holding your scissors at a slight angle, trim your feathers until they are about two inches long.
Voilà! A funky, new take on an old-fashioned classic.

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