The Coolest, Delightfully Unexpected, Street-Style Hit

We've heard it said time and time again: Black clothing is universally flattering. Just look at this photo of Um Se Yun as evidence. She's incredibly chic in a casual, classic, kicked-back kind of way. But, lean in a little closer — her look is actually more unexpected at second glance.
Yes, those are shoes that split the big toe from the others, much like a hoof. And not only are they novel, they kind of really work.
Just leave it to the street-style girls of Seoul to prove to us that — what should we call them? — those shoes are actually, maybe, sort of, really cool. Simply top off the avant-garde footwear with a seemingly basic, monotone outfit (felt hat, leather bomber, polka-dotted shirt, and cigarette pants), string a Canon across your shoulder, and this may just be the coolest, never-saw-it-coming outfit in the world.

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