Shine On: 3 Fun Ways To Wear Metallic Makeup

Like a magpie to a sparkly trinket, we're inexplicably drawn to metallic makeup. The shine, the glamour, the glitz — we just can’t help but be dazzled by it all. Unfortunately, thanks to an unhealthy obsession with glitter eyeshadow in the ‘90s (damn you, Hard Candy!), we’re still a little spooked by sparkle.
So, to appease our need for twinkle, we went to makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci to find three chic, crazy-cool ways to wear metallic makeup this holiday season. "Metallic makeup is so hot during the colder months because it screams holiday parties and winter wonderland," says Ciucci. "Nothing says 'celebrate' more than a shimmery eye or a shiny lip."  
Another great bonus with metallics? They're easy to use and super-flattering: "Matte textures can sometimes catch on the skin while shimmering products literally melt into it," she says. "Plus, you can transform a super-clean look into something fabulous with just a splash of metal on the eye or lip."
From a sneaky liner trick to a gilded lip that’s actually wearable, read on for the 411 on how to get your glisten on — the grown-up way.
Photographed by Bek Andersen; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair by Andi Y; Model Taylor Vasi at S Models.

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