12 Lazy-Day Pieces You Can Actually Wear Out Of The House

If this past weekend's Thanksgiving break taught you anything (other than how to make nice with the new in-laws) we hope it's that squeezing into your skinny jeans post-turkey is not only not fun, it's downright painful. Confession time: We're not always into "dressing up" to stay stylish. Case in point: these 12 chic sweats, tees, and sweaters that make feeling good look good, too.
Sure, you've got the PJs down pat, but you don't want to give off the impression you're catching some ZZZs when really you're the most productive lady in town—running errands, cooking, heading to and from the gym (ehem, shopping)…oh, and that j-o-b thing. Here's where our lazy-day, heaven-sent, delay-the-wash-for-one-more-wear type of cozies come in—and hey, if you actually do want to catch some mid-afternoon shut-eye, your secret's safe with us.
Click through for the best 12 lazy-day looks out on the market.

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