3 Incredible Tablescapes To DIY For A Perfect Holiday Dinner

If we were gambling types, we'd wager that each person reading this will host at least one person for dinner over the next month. Whether it's a neighbor, your S.O.'s parents, or five of your besties; whether you live in a shoebox-sized studio or a spacious manse; whether you'll cook or simply serve up some takeout — 'tis the season for entertaining. And we think everyone should be able to do so in style, no matter how much space (or cash) they have.
That's why we're sharing a little secret: The art of the dinner party isn't about fancy food or a swanky home — it's all about the visuals, and they don't have to be pricey. To prove you don't need beaucoup bucks to wow your guests, we consulted with the DIY genius behind local blog JulipMade, Julie Eitner, for three festive tablescapes that are easy, elegant, and oh-so-affordable (seriously — one of them is practically free).
So, don't fret about the expense of throwing a lavish dinner party — instead, channel your inner creative guru. With these gorg decorations, you could serve frozen pizza and your guests would still be blown away.

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