Anthropologie Hearts Your Ankles: 11 Shoes Made For Walking

No use denying it: We're shoe obsessed. We may be willing to sacrifice some serious scratch for our obsession — but sacrifice the safety of our poor little ankles? Not so much. See, we think it's completely possible to have a mega-glam night on the town, even if you're not perched atop a teetering pair of stilettos. Plus, the lower the shoe, the better the dancin'.
Luckily, everyone's favorite vintage-chic shop, Anthropologie, has a ton of cute statement shoes that are made for walking — not for hobbling. We're talking heels that top out at four inches, max (and that's only if they have a height-mitigating platform), and more adorable flats and low-heeled booties than you can shake a stick at. Our arches are breathing a sigh of relief already.
Ready to stop suffering for your style? Click on for our low-heeled, high-glam picks...just think of all the money you'll save on cab fare!

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