Tevas Are BACK (At Least According To Creatures Of Comfort)

We're no strangers to the jaw-dropping stock at Nolita boutique, Creatures of Comfort, but we still couldn't gasping at its latest lookbook. The series of photos is fun, flirty, effortless, and, well, there are Tevas. Or Teva-ish sandals that actually work with the bevy of silk tops, printed dresses, and smizes galore. Sure, there are other covetable shoes, too (think: walk-all-over flats and sneaks), but it's the comeback of our childhood sandals that really got us. So, we've decided to embrace this '90s-meets-now collection that's every bit as comfortable as it is chic. Just look at what happy campers (Teva pun intended) the models are as they cheese for the camera rocking crop-tops, floral length gowns, and baseball hats. We're just not sure whether to call this a flashback to our yesteryears or a flash-forward to what we'll be wearing when the threads hit stores this spring. Click through and share your take in the comments below.
Photo: Courtesy of Creatures of Comfort

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