29 Items For Cozy And Chic Hibernating Post-Thanksgiving Feast

If there's one time of the year when you're allowed to be lazy as sin, it's today. Sure, Black Friday sales are tempting, but sometimes, the best way to fight that pumpkin-pie hangover is to avoid the outside world altogether and hunker down. Like a sick day without the stuffy nose, the next 24 hours are all about you. And to make it just a bit more wonderful, we've put together the ultimate kit for pure post-Thanksgiving bliss.
Whether you plan to fight that inevitable breakout with a facial mask (zits are a common side effect of copious consumption!), or insist on catching up on your reading avec a pot of tea, we've got the goods that will make detoxing a dream. Just don't get too comfortable — those dishes won't wash themselves!

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