Rachel Comey Presents: Nudes Descending Stairs (Not What You Think)

The phrase Nudes Descending Stairs could easily bring to mind a variety of scandalous images. Mostly nude. But, in this case, you would be wrong.
In fact, Nudes Descending Stairs is the name of the video that celebrates the recently released Rachel Comey resort '13 collection which includes hardly any nudity at all (The title's actually in reference to a piece of artwork by Marcel Duchamp that utilized a similar kind of successive stepping movement.) and is another perfect example of the non-fussy and effortlessly polished designs this New York designer is known for.
Denim looks chic and flowers burst in this fresh resort collection. However, the video captures one of our favorite RC signature items: the boots. Watch as those babies walk their way down steps and toward erm, we're not sure. But, if these Nudes Descending Stairs could use a little sartorial guidance, the entire collection of resort looks in the slides ahead should do the trick.
Bonus: Rachel Comey is also giving away five pairs of her famously beloved booties on Facebook. You can win a pair that you'll wear with everything...or nothing at all. Your call.
Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Comey

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