The R29 Mascara Hall Of Fame

Call us unendingly loyal or creatures of habit, but we tend to like things a certain way. From our Starbucks orders (Venti soy latte, please) to our celebrity spirit animals (hi D.Krugs!), when we find a good thing, we stick with it.
Nowhere is that more evident than in our mascara choices — each of our editors swears by a different magic wand to get her fringe looking phenomenal. And since a good lash enhancer can be hard to find, may we present to you (drumroll, please) the R29 Mascara Hall of Fame.
In our office-wide search for the best mascaras, we uncovered lots of love for Maybelline, some high-end lash-lengtheners that really live up to the hype, and a drugstore cheapie adored by not one, but two editors. Click through to see the lash-enhancers we just can't live without, then tell us in the comments where your mascara loyalties lie.
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