Watch: 3 Festive Ways To Rock Printed Pants

It's no secret that we're digging printed pants. Heck, we've replaced all our childhood collectibles (pogs, Beanie Babies, uh, Pokémon) with stacks of trousers in varying hues, florals, stripes, and paisleys. Yep, this time of year you kind of "gotta have 'em all." But once you sweep up your faves (that is, if you've been nice this year), you still need to figure out how to rock them to their full potential. And that's where we've come in.
We sent our New York editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg, to the printed-pants think tank, only to resurface with three on-trend tips for sporting this season's must-try look. From the classic PJ pant to dressed-up slacks with a twist, these ensemble ideas will have you covered. As for that whole collecting thing? Well, you can still trade up with your friends should you tire of your trove. Watch our video, then start shopping for your own stock.

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