13 Must-Try Beauty Tips & Tricks To Save Your Skin This Winter

Oh, winter. In pop culture, you're the stuff of fairy tales — a magical, festive wonderland where we all ice skate as snowflakes fall, sip hot chocolate, and cozy up by the fire, feeling rosy and glowy. In reality? You do horrible things to our skin. If you were our boyfriend, we'd break up with you — and never ever get back together.
So, although we don't mind the occasional snow day, the reality of what's ahead means that the general forecast for our faces is tight, dry, itchy, chafed, chapped, flaking, irritated, and blah. No bueno. That's why we talked to Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant, a D.C.-area dermatologist, to get some insight into how District winters actually affect our skin, and how we can equip ourselves to look our very best this season. Click through to learn her 10 skin-saving winter tips, tailored just for us hardworking Washingtonians. Trust, you'll want to hear what this Harvard-educated doc has to say (and your skin will high-five you for taking notes).

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