Where to Eat And Drink In L.A. Today And Tomorrow

Every now and then a gal has to reinvent herself – ya know, change up her hair color, experiment with a new lipstick, invest in a trendy dress. After that, all that's left to do is choose a fab location to strut all that newfound style.
Lucky that us Angelenos have bountiful options for wining and dining. In fact, some even say nightlife here is a bit of a competitive sport. So, to help you sort through this galaxy of decadent restos and quirky watering holes, we’ve curated a list of venues that should fill every gap in your calendar and meet your ever-changing attitude towards boozing it up.
The method here is simple: If you love any of the classic picks we mention, then you’ll want to hit up the new, similarly flavored spots we've paired along side it. So, click through to find out how to change the pace on your evening escapades and get just what you need for your social reincarnation, no matter where your interests lie.

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