Midcentury, Meet Modern: 60s-Inspired Home Accents You'd Never Mistake For Vintage

Sure, we love midcentury design as much as the next Nelson nerd or Eames acolyte. But do up our own pads in that minimalist 60s style? Well, sometimes the look is a little too clean for our tastes. We want our homes to look stylish and sleek — not be mistaken for a museum or a Mad Men set.
Luckily, Bloomingdale's comes to the rescue with a home collection full of pieces that nod to the midcentury design we love, but — with their bright pops of color and curving organic lines — are unmistakably of-the-now. From Diane von Furstenberg's graphic, grenadine bedding, to Bloomingdale's own geometric black-laquered chair, these bold pieces make a clean (but never cold) design statement.
Click on for 11 more stylish — not staid — pieces we love.

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