How Realistic Are Runway Beauty Trends?

Guys, you know we love runway beauty. We love when it's gorgeous, and we even love it when it's just plain weird. But how about those times when the runway beauty looks are...questionable? As in, they could either be the coolest or the weirdest things we've ever seen? It's true that creating innovative, fresh beauty looks always involves taking a bit of a risk, but the line is fine between funky and simply unflattering (for us non-models, at least).
One of the following looks could be the biggest beauty trend since burgundy lips, and the rest may not ever translate well to the street. Do us a favor and flip through our roundup of hair and makeup looks that are downright stumping us (rope hair? Orange-accented eyes? Hmm...), and help us solve the mystery: Which of these runway beauty trends are totally rad (and possibly the next big thing), and which ones are just plain bad?
Photo: MCV Photo

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