Best Denim Deal: Old Navy's Crazy-Chic, Under-$35 Jeans

Here's the thing about jeans: we love 'em, we almost live in 'em...but we refuse to spend a fortune on 'em. Sure, we could shell out $300 for a pair of premium denim, but our clothing budgets only stretch so far...and the truth is, we'd rather spend our scratch on the important things in life — you know, like bar tabs, or a pair of kick-ass heels.
If you, like us, care way more about comfort and style than your denim's provenance, we promise you: you can get great-looking jeans for a tenth (yes, a tenth!) of the price, from Old Navy. Yup, the store best-known for performance fleece has some surprisingly stylin' denim options. Whether you're into bright skinnies, jewel-toned cords, or midnight-blue flares (oh yeah, bootcut's back), Old Navy has them all, and for less than dinner for two.
Click through our picks ahead, and get ready to spend your money on booze shoes instead!

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