How To Wear Heavy Halloween Makeup And Not Totally Screw Up Your Skin

So, you've gotten all of your Halloween makeup inspiration (you're welcome) and picked out the perfect look to transform yourself tomorrow night. But wait: What about your makeup? If you're a bit intimidated by the thought of what all that fake blood and glitter are going to do to your skin (we admittedly are also freaked out by applying lash glue and pancake makeup to our sensitive faces), have no fear: Broadway makeup pro Angelina Avallone (she designed the fabulous looks for The Addams Family) dished all of her best stage makeup tips to the New York Times . Since stage makeup and Halloween makeup are pretty similar (a.k.a. really heavy, pore-clogging, and over-the-top) her tips will not only help you find the perfect Halloween makeup look, but also how to get it to stay on all night — and then how to remove it once the festivities are over.
Avallone says the best way to get started is to find photos for inspiration and write down the makeup shades and accessories you'll need (like, false lashes, glitter, or stencils). If you're in NYC, Avallone recommends taking your photo and shopping list to Alcone, a pro makeup store that will undoubtedly have every random cosmetic you could ever need (Ricky's and Sally Beauty Supply would also be great resources). Avallone recommends applying glitter with a mixing medium, and affixing fake blood and the like with a spray like Mist & Fix by Make Up For Ever. For color, Avallone reccomends both MAC Pigments and Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liners, which have high-color, long-wearing pigments.
To prevent your heavy Halloween makeup from clogging your pores and causing breakouts, Avallone says you need a great go-to cleanser and makeup remover (this would be a good time to use a toner, to make sure that any stubborn pigment is really off your skin). If you're worried about sensitivity, Avallone suggests trying Derma Shield, which causes a barrier between your skin and the makeup. (New York Times)
Do you have any great makeup application/removal tips of your own? Tell us your secrets!
Photo: Benjamin Lozofsky/

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