Prabal Gurung (And His Target Collection) Play Matchmaker With Olivia Thirlby

Prabal Gurung's much-anticipated collaboration with Target is scheduled to drop less than a week before Valentine's Day (February 10, to be exact) and, according to him, is inspired by nothing but some old fashioned l-o-v-e. So, it's no surprise that the designer spent his weekend playing matchmaker with actors Olivia Thirlby and Chris Conroy, who will both star in his upcoming campaign. On Sunday, Gurung was spotted in the West Village directing the actors to play the roles of a deeply entangled, handsome, and sharply dressed couple.
The shots reveal Thirlby and Conroy walking closely down a leaf-adorned side street — Conroy is holding a red-ribboned gift, which we presume to be another piece of Gurung's — and, most importantly, showcases another number from the collection: a playful black-and-white dress with a bowtie necklace in tow. Thirlby, who looks stunning with that short, boyish haircut, was then seen sporting a floral-patterned mini-dress, similar to the blazer-and-shorts number we've already seen, along with a pair of neon yellow pumps. This dress was shot in front of a rainbow of flowers, and Thirlby even held a bouquet of her own to play up the romance. Our favorite shot from the incognito photos, though, is the one of Gurung and Thirlby hugging, smiling, and sharing a moment of designer-meets-actress love. Check out Fashionista for the entire slideshow! (Fashionista)
Photo: Via Fashionista/Christopher Peterson

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