Join The Horsey Set: The 10 Best Gucci Boots To Upgrade Your Gait

Sometimes it's easy to forget that luxury powerhouse brand Gucci started out as a humble little leather-goods shop in Florence, providing luggage and saddlery to well-heeled jetsetters. To its credit, Gucci has done much to keep its equestrian heritage alive, with horsebit and stirrup motifs echoing through each collection.
Another reminder of Gucci's horsey heritage? Its unmatched way with a boot — riding boots, sure, but also trendy ankle boots, adorable lace-up booties, and drop-dead sexy studded knee-high models. The boot is a perennial staple of the stable set, and Gucci does them all, in its signature chic style. Not bad for a modest little Florentine luggage shop, no?
Check out our picks for the best-in-class Gucci stompers, straight ahead!

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