Unamused By Your Apartment? Here's The Key To An Instant Upgrade

Maybe it's just us, but with the change in the seasons (or, you know, an apocalyptic storm that traps you in your apartment) usually comes that familiar itch to revamp our style, from our closets to our spaces. And since you can't exactly depend on freshly plucked flowers straight from the garden to bring life to your ho-hum living room, come the colder months (sigh), it's up to your walls to show off your interior decor A-game.
The good news is that you don’t have to be an art snob to spruce up your space in style. Instead of looking at a big white wall as a challenge, work to create eye-level focal points that won’t compete with your collection of coffee table books — don't be afraid to widen up a room by doubling up on mirrors, or layer contrasting textures a rustic tapestry over a modern chevron-print wallpaper to create a super-cozy, unmistakably you feel.
So, whether you're into an eclectic strewn-vintage effect or you're in a clean-and-classic state of mind, click through to check out our top bare-wall-banishing picks.

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