Weekend Buzz: Wedding Planning, Hocus Pocus, & Leopard Print

If you've ever seen the commercials for "Help, I have a headache" or "Help, I have a blister," you're familiar with Help Remedies, the company that's tasked itself with treating what ails us. Now, the brand is setting up shop in the DMV, to take care of all the city's hypochondriacs — there will even be a Night Pharmacy with food and drinks. (Help Remedies)
If you haven't jumped on board the oversized trend yet, it's time. There's nothing comfier than a loose, cozy sweater — and, fret not, the look can be totally chic. (La Petite Marmoset)
It's no secret that D.C. is steeped in political history, but did you know that our landmarks and buildings also have some serious otherworldly street cred? Rumor has it that tons of paranormal activity has gone down all over Capitol Hill — and you can take tours to get to know the ghosts, if you dare. (DCist)
Wedding season may be coming to an end, but we're willing to bet that you've got a friend or two in the midst of nuptial planning. Since hipster weddings are all the rage right now (thanks, Pinterest!), why not go all the way with a truly farm-to-table affair? (Washingtonian)
It's easy to fall into the monochromatic trap of a business casual workplace — from beige this to gray that, it can get really old, really fast. Luckily, one local blogger is here to tell you it's okay to break out of the mold. Maybe even with animal print — she's showing you how. (Capitol Hill Style)
Photos: Via Washingtonian, La Petite Marmoset

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