Leather Skirts, Ex-Boyfriends, & More We're Buzzing About This Week

Fall is about turning over a new leaf and trying new things, and we're daring you, dear reader, to try some leather on for size. We can't decide what we love more about this street-style outfit — the edgy but playful leather skirt, or the oh-so-intricate peasant blouse. (Trés Awesome)
Attention, Chicago buffs! Think you're an expert when it comes to the Windy City? Take this quiz, inspired by the new book You Were Never In Chicago, to see if your trivia is truly top-notch. (Chicago Magazine)
We don't mean to scare you, but if you're less than a pro in the kitchen, it might be time to start practicing for that all-important Thanksgiving meal. And, why not start with desserts? Especially this roasted fig buttermilk cake. (Miss Renaissance)
Breakups, we've all been there. We've also all had that "a-ha" moment when we realize our ex was, well, less than perfect. Thankfully, one brave writer is sharing her humorous dating history with us, so we know we weren't alone when we dated that Ricky Martin knockoff. (RedEye)
Fashion Focus Chicago is always a hectic week full of dizzying amounts of, well, fashion, but, luckily, we can count on our intrepid local bloggers to bring us the best of the best from the shows. Check out looks from some of Chicago's best designers, and get ready to feel tons of hometown pride. (Chitown Fashionista)
Photos: Via Trés Awesome, RedEye

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