Prada Does Pretty — Really!

The designer behind Prada is not exactly known for holding back on her quirkier impulses (daisies for eyebrows, anyone?) — which is why she's our black-sheep favorite in the world of luxury designers. But tucked in among all the jolie laide, we're sometimes surprised to find a whole lot of just plain pretty.
Take Prada's shoe collection: Besides the (adorably) clownish rubber-covered oxfords and Miuccia's take on '90s crazy heels, we spy a timeless pair of black brogues, charmingly delicate cap-toe ballerina flats, the perfect pair of ankle boots, and a glossy oxblood lace-up heel that show off that dreaded '90s heel in its gracefully curving best.
It's almost enough to make you wonder if Miuccia's given up the quirk for good...but then you spot her sky-high, daisy-print pumps, and you know all is well in our beloved, peculiar land of Prada.
Click on for more Prada kicks you might actually get away with wearing to the office.

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