How Do They Do It? Zara Shoes You (& Your Wallet) Will Love

For our money, Zara is the most on point of all the high-street chains. There's a reason why the Spanish import has quickly become the working woman's wardrobe of choice (for the office and everything after) — simply put, it's hard to find clothes this stylish for the price, anywhere.
Much like its clothing line, Zara's shoes are sturdily constructed and packed with fashion-forward details that elevate your basics to the level of chic. From demure ankle-strap heels perfect for work to chic ballet flats that give the far-pricier Repettos a run for their money to — hands down — our favorite wedge boots of the season, Zara's simple, clean-lined shoes take you everywhere you want to go. Hit the slideshow to find your perfect pair!

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