All Dolled Up: Courtney Love's Clothing Line Is Actually Impressive!

She may not be the world's greatest role model (she's probably the worst boss ever, after all!), but Courtney Love is no stranger to fans copying her style. And, with a closet like hers, we're thinking it's about damn time the grunge goddess got herself a designing gig. Ever since WWD reported back in 2011 that the Hole front woman found a licensee for her line, Never The Bride, it's been a guessing game of what sort of styles she'd debut. Lo and behold, the collection (composed of repurposed Edwardian and Victorian vintage duds) is almost exactly how we envisioned it: a perfect balance of punk-meets-pretty. Soon to be available on Net-A-Porter, excessive eyeliner and dolls parts are (unfortunately), not included!
Interested in investing in one of Love's creations? Then make sure to sneak a peek at Contributor magazine's latest issue to see the dresses modeled by the rainbow-haired Chloe Norgaard (Love even makes a guest appearance in the spread, and she looks good!). Do we smell yet another comeback for the star? Let's just say we have a hunch that this endeavor is more likely to solidify her status in the fashion world than that whack-a-doodle eBay store! (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Photo: Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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