Shoes That Make A Lasting Impression—Behold, Your Bold, New Sole Mates

At times, our never-ending hunt for our sole mates could be declared excessive, and no, we may not always have practicality in mind when we fill our closet with pairs that we "need to have." But, for a moment, let's throw away caution — and common sense — to the wind, and just look at a few statement-making heels that are too ooh pretty to ignore.
French label Aperlai, which has been commanding our attention with a range of celebrity fans and architectural lines for some time now, is boasting a spring '13 collection we can't get enough of. The shoes are not only completely on-trend with snakeskin, cut-outs, and chunky heels, but they're also beautifully designed in a way that feel special in a sea of Manolos and Jimmy Choos.
And hey, when you really think about it, doesn't a truly unique, memorable shoe sound kinda practical, and maybe even necessary? Take a look at some of our favorites, ahead, and decide for yourself.
Photo: Courtesy of Aperlai

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