The Bay's Top 10 Candy Shops To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Finally. It’s socially acceptable to scarf sweets like it’s nobody’s business. Bowls overflowing with delicious treats are practically everywhere, and while it’s just another day in paradise for hard-core sugar addicts (ahem, guilty as charged), the season to stock up on gummies, suckers, and ooey-gooey chocolate-y goodness, is definitely upon us.
Of course, in true S.F. foodie fashion, we're not here to suggest you run rampant down the aisles of Safeway. Oh no, we’re going to help you hit the cavity jackpot with 10 of the fiercest sweet shops in town. And, whether your poison is hard-to-find Swedish sours from The Candy Store, festive faves from Miette, or old-timey candies from the new, throwback soda shop on the block, you’re in good hands. So, get ready for the ultimate sugar rush — just in time for Halloween, no less!
Photographed by Maria del Rio

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